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Thursday, 26 Nov 2015

Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand alrtice on this topic. 

Andrew Andrew

I don’t know whether you remember, but you helped me a while ago with my CV and cover letter and I got the paralegal job. 

Cathy N

Just to let you know that I got a first in my trust law exam. I am ever so grateful for your help. 

Jasmin J

I have managed to pass the resit which is not bad considering the strain that I have been under. 

David H

Hello, thank you so much!! soooooo much was clarified today! 

Gabriela L

You did proofreading for 3 essays 2 months ago. I believe that your work was great because I got really high marks for those essays. 

Hameed R

Thank you for the proofreading. It's really nice now. 

Imran M

The way the model answer is done is perfect. Thank you so much. I finally understand the question. 

Ben D

I got 83% in admin law, the highest grade achieved in the entire year. 

Sean R

Thank you for sending the model law answer on company law. I found it really useful in organizing my answer. It is good to have the example like that as it makes it much more clear to me how I should answer the problem based question. 

Eleanor S

I wanted to thank you a lot for helping me and assisting me with the preparation. Your help was very important and valuable! 

Aran H

I thank you so much for your support, looking back at my years in the UK you have been such a brilliant teacher, I cannot deny that without your help I couldn't have succeeded in getting a 2:1. 

Muhammad M

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