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Wednesday, 25 Nov 2015

Essay and Proof-Reading

Custom Made Law Essays, Law Dissertations, and Model Law Answers Ltd offers custom made law essays, law dissertations and model law answers. All our law essays and dissertations are written by professional writers, who hold LLBs and LLMs and are plagiarism free and provide comprehensive answers and address in-depth the particular topic at hand. We take the greatest pride in our work, always ensure that deadlines are strictly being adhered to and treat your instructions entirely confidential. Our service is also extremely personalised: we are contactable, flexible, allow you to give feedback and focus solely on your particular needs. Our prices are affordable, as we believe in quality legal education for everyone.


Why order a customised essay and how to use it?

It can be a massive advantage to have read an essay addressing in detail the specific issues raised. This is just like finding an excellent academic article or book on a particular topic of interest. Students are not allowed to submit our work; hence, all of our work should be used for educational purposes only.


Law Essay Comments

We offer you with all the necessary feedback and comments to improve your essay and will also point out where you can still improve your legal writing skills. We will alert you to important case law and legislation and explain how you can structure your essay better and generally improve your work. This service is ideal for practising for your law exams.


Proof Reading

We provide a speedy, high-quality proof reading service, ensuring that your sentence structure flows and grammar and punctuation are correct.


What makes a good essay?

Your essay should always be well structured, hence make use of headings. Try and be clear and precise in what you state. Show that you have researched the topic well and that you have set out the background information, which is needed to understand what you are discussing. Display your ability to analyse the issues. Ensure your essay does not contain spelling mistakes and is well presented, including formatting your text, having a bibliography. Write your introduction last.