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Saturday, 28 Nov 2015

Professional Tuition

Legal Coaching for Professionals

We provide bespoke executive legal coaching to professionals. Business and law go hand in hand, so that it is indispensable to have a sound understanding of the operating mechanisms of the English, European and international legal system. Business decisions have to be sometimes undertaken in split seconds and being able to fully appreciate the legal implications of decisions is indispensable.

Our consultants teach you the legal core essentials, so that you start thinking like a lawyer when weighing up the relevant risks of particular business transactions. We help you increase your legal vocabulary and understanding in a very wide range of legal subjects. Our lessons are tailored to your particular business requirements and can vary from teaching English contract law, trust law, company law, IP law, employment law, land law, litigation training and legal strategy, to more eclectic topics, e.g. what Islamic bonds and securitization involve.

Company Workshop

We offer various company workshops e.g. on equality training, legal awareness, contract law and much more. For example, you can hire us to update your Human Resource department on an evolving legal area, such as the new "Time to Train" legislation or the Equality Act 2010 or can arrange that your manager receives training with regards to ensuring that grievance or disciplinary procedures are duly complied with and provide equality and diversity training. All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

English common law crash courses for foreign lawyers

Lawyers have to work in a more globalized world and not only master national laws. Contracts are very often concluded in English and not understanding the common law system creates risks for foreign lawyers. A simple translation of an English agreement cannot encapsulate the various legal concepts, which underline the wording of a particular clauses and provisions and understanding English is simply not enough. We thus offer intensive law crash courses for English speaking foreign lawyers, which are tailored to our clients' specific business needs.

Diversity and Equality Awareness Certificate

Companies are increasingly at risk of being sued by their employees at the Employment Tribunal. Being able to demonstrate that you have attended a workshop on diversity and equality awareness may be one of the questions asked e.g. in a race discrimination questionnaire and which the Employment Tribunal may rely upon, amongst other factors, when making a determination whether or not a discrimination case has been made out.

The amounts, which can be claimed in discrimination cases, are unlimited and the more precautionary measure one has taken, including ensuring that managers receive diversity and equality awareness training; the more the company is protected against being found liable for what could be a substantial damages award.

The training takes three hours and there will be a short 15 minutes break after the first 1 ½ hours and we offer individual, as well as group training. All participants receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Corporate and Governmental Legal Research

We carry out specialized legal research, formulate policy papers and write codes of conduct, legal articles, case summaries or legal newsletters. We can function as your outsourced legal research department.

Professional Proof-Reading for Authors, Publishers and Companies

We offer professional book editing and proof-reading services for authors and book publishers and offer general proof-reading services to companies. We will get rid of spelling, grammatical, as well as typographical mistakes. We will also ensure that inconsistencies are eliminated and your syntax flows, helping you improve the overall clarity of expression.