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  • Phone Tuition

One to One Tuition

We offer face-to-face law tuition in London; however, can also arrange face-to-face law tuition in other cities.

Online Tuition

We offer online law tuition and all you need is access to a PC and headset.

Group Tuition

We offer group law tuition for all those law students, who cannot afford individual face-to-face tuition.

Phone Tuition

We offer telephone tuition, which is ideal if you just want to run through a legal topic with someone or discuss whether you are taking the right approach when answering

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Monday, 30 Nov 2015

Legal Training for Professionals

We offer personalized legal coaching to executives and professionals in need of legal know how and offer various company workshops e.g. on equality training, legal awareness, contract law and much more. For example, you can hire us to update your Human Resource department on an evolving legal area, such as the new "Time to Train" legislation or the Equality Act 2010. We also carry out specialized legal research, formulate policy papers and write legal articles or case summaries for your webpage or legal newsletters and can function as your outsourced legal research department. We also offer professional book editing and proof-reading services for authors and book publishers and general proofreading services to businesses. We also teach laymen about the relevant law applicable to their particular dispute.

Legal Training for Law Students

We provide bespoke law tuition to AS & A-level students, undergraduates and postgraduates and offer a pre-law school course to all those wishing to have a head start with their law degree, as well as intensive law exam preparatory courses in all of the core subjects. We also ensure that our students receive all the necessary auxiliary support, including proof-reading, law essay marking, custom made law essays, legal answers, advocacy and interview training, CV, summer placement and training contract advice. Our extensive private legal training also extends to practical legal training, teaching you how to succinctly formulate particulars of claim, witness statements, skeleton arguments, etc.